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                       dumbbells in early morning - abstract by: Coach Dan


"I was impressed with his discipline and caring nature. He understood and took time to listen to my needs."

Daniel Harkavy : CEO Building Champions and Head Coach : www.buildingchampions.com

What is a Fitness Coach?

Fitness Coaching internally inspires the heart and mind of a person; the passing of knowledge from one to another. New skills are established in helping find fitness-esteem to learn about persistence in health and the true-grit necessary to stay organized, structured, and be able to deduce and measure results, while having a blast getting fit! Behaviors are modified and conscious memories are permanently imprinted. Coaching inspires and uplifts people to strive past their limited expectations and reach and achieve true health and awareness in being well. Once coaching begins - then the practice and training commence. Coach and client design and implement customized blueprints with specific goals and objectives in mind and heart while creating a new story of health and wellness.


The Body is a Temple : Not a Warehouse tm

[how Coach Dan guides and cares for you with great joy]

Helping and guiding people into and through the fitness journey for me is pure and utter joy! There's too much to keep for one man, so sharing the passion, vision and skills I have been blessed with is a necessity and a mission I continue to carry out - daily. Staying healthy is a God given discipline and gift that I take very seriously. It is with great love that I am thrilled in helping you truly get and be well and stay strong! I impart something more than fun to you, surpassing enjoyment that lasts a lifetime! Being well and vital for those you care for in your life is a feeling worth abiding in and striving towards! To entrust this health-mission is my honor and privilege to you!


What is a Fitness Coach?


a Coach welcomes all questions, all comments and all suggestions for the betterment of the client

experience-rich Coach, with expertise plus wisdom in guiding clients to their fitness best for life

a Coach practices what they preach with sustained personal health habits reflecting what they teach

reaching for new heights in workouts together and being able to measure clients success with balance

practicing personal habits in proper nutritional behavior: [preparation-portion control-frequency] in harmony

targeting specific goals and objectives that can be achieved and sustained, within clients' fitness level

setting clear expectations, that coach and client agree on that are realistic and are understood easily

taking note of clients needs and wants; working together to map out their fitness journey and destination

ingenious ways to keep accountability up to ensure clients personal fitness goals and dreams are realized

guiding clients to get and stay fit with patience, perseverance, drive and ongoing encouragement

workout design plans custom-built that are efficient, fun, enjoyable and easy to do

post-physical therapy rehabilitation through innovative fitness coaching & training to help prevent the reoccurrence of injury & pain

feel-well workouts that clients are in charge of based on enthusiastic plans blue-printed by your Fitness Coach

highly organized progressive fitness workout documents to allow thorough & concise record-keeping that lasts

injury prevention to prevent pain, aiding healing with caring measures for safe workout prescription for life

education on the usage of The Fit Five : Flexibility : Cardio : Strength : Nutrition : Mindset  THE FIT FIVE

everyday workouts for men, women and kids in all states of being that make sense and are safe and fun

sport-specific workouts, novice to seasoned fitness veterans, everyday workouts to event training

encouraging changes in eating & food purchasing behavior for long-term weight management through life

learning the mindset of what it takes to plan, implement and successfully carry out great workouts, every time

clear communication with patience for the client to serve their ever evolving goals

being prompt and on time for the client while welcoming their desire to earn their workouts with a smile