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Using the body for exercise and activity doesn’t have to be painful or something you loath. In fact, the endorphin release via exercise feels quite good (a natural high). The sense of personal accomplishment and self worth is significant!

The thought of exercise motivates no one, but doing exercise motivates you to exercise again and again! Exercise adds value and worth to daily life, past the material things that amuse for a short while then fade away, break, get stolen or are worried over to no end. Your body is a Fitness Bank. Repetitions, Sets, Weight pushed or pulled, muscles stretched, distances crossed and sweat shed are the only form of currency the Fitness Bank will accept, all other forms of currency are not accepted.

I. flexibility - relaxes tight muscles and joints for better range of motion

II. strength - increases tone, shape and power in muscles for ease of use

III. cardio - improve stamina and endurance and increase heart strength

IV. nutrition - adapting healthful eating and cooking behaviors for quality living

V. mindset - being focused on the Fit Task with purpose and drive