lesson structure

As your Fitness Coach, I persevere for you. My patience is steady and I keep listening and observing how best to meet and exceed your fitness needs. I will not give up on you, even when you give up on yourself. I offer a complimentary thirty to forty-five minute discovery session to highlight specifics of the program and to discover the heart and mindset of your fitness. Please contact me to find out about fees.

A minimum five month commitment is necessary to establish behavior pattern changes in exercise and nutrition with phone coaching. Phone lessons may be as short as 15 minutes, or as long as 60 minutes, it depends on you. Sloughing off old inactive habits is not easy, but with perseverance and diligence on my part, combined with a large dose of dedication from you, all previous milestones will be left behind and a new era of health begins.

During the first five months of lessons, four phone appointments monthly are necessary to create your newfound accountability. Once one-hundred and fifty days have passed, we'll reassess your fitness needs and adjust the lessons accordingly. All the while we'll use Fit Tasks to keep you in step and and on track with your fitness. What's great about all this is you will be the benefactor. Staying focused on your workouts and eating right pays off!

There'll be planned homework workouts between lessons for you to keep on track with your newfound workout program!

I will correspond with you via email or phone to 'check in' with you on your workouts, eating patterns and other helpful needed areas that challenge you and cause you to stumble, in your pursuit to get back into good physical condition.

If you're compelled to contact me, via email or telephone to make sure you're on track, great! I'll be glad to take a few moments and answer your questions. I care what happens.

Follow ups are critical for long term adherence with any exercise program. After moving through many workouts together over the course of time, periodic maintenance lessons will be the plan. These periodic lessons will keep you in check with your workouts, nutrition and overall mind and heart set. Hard work and diligently sticking to your workouts and nutrition accountability will most certainly take you to your fitness destination of complete wellness and total health!