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move the weight - abstract by: Coach Dan





          "Thanks for your encouragement and commitment to my workouts." - Joby Easton

Coaching by telephone works well if a clear understanding is understood between coach and client. Fit Tasks make possible our mission as coach and client to get you to your fitness destination of complete wellness. Phone coaching takes additional fortitude and dedication, along with a large dose of commitment from you to achieve what you want and need. All of the abilities and skills come into play for results to occur. Clients that work hard and show a desire to be disciplined in areas where weakness once ruled, will find that day by day, week by week, fitness levels begin to improve. Strength increases, fat mass decreases with inches lost in arms, legs and torso, muscle mass increases, mobility goes up, old injuries begin to fade away and fitness self esteem improves.

Ask Greg Harkavy what he thinks about being coached via phone?

Phone coaching also requires the client to engage more actively in many of the duties that an onsite coach would carry out. The client will need to get body composition testing done where applicable, keep records of workouts, nutrition journals, additional equipment needed for workouts and recruit support in creative ways from spouse, friends or colleagues to ensure consistent accountability. 

The Fitfolio is given to you during our first lesson. We'll do a complete analysis and discussion of your fitness background to properly plan the journey. The Fitfolio is a package of fitness documents to carry out a balanced fitness program. The Fitfolio includes a Fitness Purpose, Medical-Injury History, Fitness Goals, Consent Release and Cancellation and Usage policy. Also included is, Workout Card, Exercise Protocol, Facts on Water, My Grocery List, Coaches Commitments to Client and Client's Commitments to Coach, Four Steps to Get Fit For The Journey, New Food Pyramid, by Walter C. Willett, M.D., Dr. PH Food Comparison, Facts on Fat, Nutritional Journal, Breakfast Facts, and Fit Task Cards.

The Fitfolio is sent to you and then returned within a seven day period to expedite start up of the first fitness coaching session. Once received, a complete analysis and review is done to properly plan out the fitness journey you will embark upon! 

A Fit Task is a directive given by me to carry out an important fitness related task for you! It may be to simply read a Nutritional Food Facts label at the grocery store or to do specified amount of strength, cardio and stretching before we meet again for another lesson. It'll keep you accountable. The Fit Tasks vary according to the needs, e.g., injury and goal set, level of fitness, type of activity enjoyed, (or don't enjoy), time commitment available and sorts of short, medium and long term achievements in mind. Once discussed and agreed upon - we'll commence forth towards the goals, measuring results all along the way.

Fitness Relationship

Finding out what you want in your fitness is paramount to me as your fitness coach. We'll discuss your fitness past, present and future so when the journey does begin, we'll know how much and how little to do with your fitness plan.

Initially we'll chose a workout locale either; home, work, commercial or a private club for your workouts. We'll look at indoor versus outdoor activities necessary for continued interest, and the type of equipment best suited for you, long-term.

                 Specific items to pack for the journey

applicable flexibility movements for you that apply

proper amount of repetitions per exercise movement

correct amount of sets per exercise movement

poundage needed for proper load on muscles and joints

types of exercises applicable for you that are specific and targeted

written descriptions on your custom Individual Exercise Card

correct sort of cardio apparatus that is suitable and comfortable

right pace for cardio, (beats per minute) for your heart work (V02)

time per workout for flexibility, strength and cardio portions

days per week for flexibility, strength and cardio portions

breathing rhythms and cadence for correct pace when training

what to do when schedules change, workout or another activity


Other items to account for

                                           Body Composition

body composition test

body weight

body tape measurements

periodic updates of these stats to measure results

            The Fit Five       

  1. flexibility : relax tight muscles and joints

  2. strength : increase tone shape and power

  3. cardio : improved endurance of heart and lungs

  4. nutrition : healthful eating and cooking

  5. mindset : focused and with purpose


Enjoying workouts helps get you through the difficult reps and sets! Having a good time is a huge part of a successful program! If there's no enjoyment found, what the use? I'll make ya smile and prove to you that working out can actually be...fun...even though you'll find it hard to admit!


In phone coaching the mindset and fitness self esteem and focus are essential. Is is of the utmost importance that this aspect be tapped into deeper than onsite coaching for success to become reality. To feel strong emotionally and physically is top priority, so when difficulties arise, you'll know how to deduce and use logic to make corrections. Being graceful, coordinated and full of renewed energy and vitality as a result of getting and staying fit will begin to show for you. You and are the only one in the universe like you - so remember to train within your means, and enjoy this new process! Bring the mind body and spirit together again for true wellness and health. You'll be glad you did!

                    First Lesson Wrap Up

We'll recap the initial lesson and review key points that were pertinent to you and your fitness journey. You'll have your Fit Task ready to carry out and your homework workouts in place. The only thing left to do will be to get going, and stay motivated!

Now hang up the phone and go have a great workout!