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This mode is the other side of the equation for a solid, healthful life. Fad diets, fast foods, no desire to cook from scratch, skipping breakfast, eating late at night, snacking on sweets and soda pop all contribute to the epidemic that is overweight and obesity in Americans and ever increasing, the world population. Hypertension, heart disease, stroke, obesity, diabetes are the leading issues that our people and people in the world are facing, as a result of bad nutritional intake, diets and too little activity. Benefits: Identifying weakness and strengths in the individualís day-to-day food habits are imperative. The use of Food Journals, and identifying behavioral triggers, allow for measured progress and better habits. Abstaining from processed foods (hydrogenation), getting back to whole foods from the Earth and cooking from scratch bring a balance back to the stomach, heart and mind. Eating breakfast as a daily staple gets the body on track for the day for healthful habits that pay you healthful dividends. Using the My Grocery List© document brings planning and purpose to the foods purchased.



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