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Muscle Myth Buster, by Fitness Coach Dan                     

There are tons of misconceptions and misguided theories floating around, causing strife, confusion and a lot of wasted time in the gym. I will dispense with just a handful of these inefficient practices in the gym. There will now be an ongoing series of Fit-Tips related to Muscle Myth Buster. Look for next the bunch in July.

Intensity and feeling the muscles at work is the key; yet how does one accomplish this task? Try out these methods, and find out for yourself…

But first, read what it is inefficient and often leads to over training, injury and quitting altogether. Then read the answers and what is, efficient to long term successful workouts that are sustainable, practical and can be controlled by you!

Five ways of Inefficiency: wastes your time and causes injury and burnout...

1. Adding more weight to improve performance in the muscle at work.

2. Adding more sets to improve performance within the workout.

3. Adding more reps to go to the next level in your fitness.

4. Packing more exercises onto your workout program.

5. Moving the weight faster to get stronger.

Five ways of Efficiency: serves your body and gets you fit, within your level of abilities and fitness level...

1. Decrease time interval between sets, increasing intensity.

2. Decrease time interval between reps*, upping the burn in the muscle.

3. Implement a planned pause at the peak (finish) of the repetition to eek out a lot more feel or burn in the muscle contraction (PFE Principle ref. F.I.T. Exercise Protocol).

4. Add a partial-rep at the start or finish (peak) of the rep to accentuate the repetition at play, usually doubling the output of the same boring set that no longer was yielding results.

5. Move a bit slower during the rep, positive and negative range, ensuring momentum isn’t the theme, but resistance is the main focus being felt. (*Speed of Reps, ref. F.I.T. Exercise Protocol)

*Rep-Speed is a constant.

The addition of weight and reps, sets and additional exercises has a place in a workout, however not until the correct junction point in any planned and goal oriented strength training program is achieved, then the resetting of goals and objectives must be done. Most workouts routines imply you should add more sets, reps and weight and additional exercises, when the ‘challenge’ becomes too low. Instead, get a planned workout prescription that fits you and your level of conditioning and fitness. Intensity is the name of the game in a successful workout program.

The use of the inefficient and flimsy methods mentioned above mean the workouts become bloated in time, too much effort spent, infringing upon work and home life schedules, which often leads to injury, impractical workouts that cannot be sustained. Be smart and efficient and you will get what you desire out of your hard work in the gym.

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